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Healing Happens: Inspirational Stories of Overcoming

This free eBook features stories of how healing happens in lives and marriages, including part of Randy and Monica’s story.

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Healing Happens contains 15 inspiring stories of radical healing in personal lives and marriages. Most marriage issues are individual woundedness manifesting. As individual hearts are healed, “deal breakers” in marriage tend to dissolve.

Are you in need of encouragement? Do you have issues that don’t seem to go away, and negatively affect your relationships? Start on the path to healing by hearing others’ stories – download Healing Happens today!

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Healing Happens book cover

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Healing Happens: Inspirational Stories of Overcoming

This 70-page eBook includes pieces written by:

  • Richard Andrew
  • Jo-Anne Bonilla
  • Shawn Hittman
  • Ed & Martha Mertens
  • Beth Miller
  • Pam Miller
  • Mollie Openshaw
  • Dr. Stephen Price
  • Brian Raymond
  • DeAnn Scheppele
  • Pat Welsh
  • Deborah Wittig
  • Randy & Monica Zachary

About Better Marriage Today

Randy & Monica are the afternoon hosts at WBGL.

Randy’s journey includes stints as a pastor, teacher, coach, consultant, life coach, & stand up comic. He and Monica entertain, encourage, & inspire listeners daily. They’ve been married 35 years, have 3 grown kids, and 1 grandson.

Randy & Monica have a passion for marriages that is fueled by their journey back from the brink of divorce. They love paying forward what they’ve learned at churches, festivals, and conferences nationwide. They’ve been featured on Dr. Oz, The Oprah Network, and co-hosted New Life Life with Steve Arterburn, America’s #1 live counseling call in show.

Randy & Monica’s Story

They say “opposites attract”, and in our case, that couldn’t be truer. If there was ever a couple with the cards stacked against them, it was us. Me in a nutshell: Mom died at 9, alcoholic abusive dad abandoned my brother and I…we ended up in a foster home. CAN YOU SAY ISSUES?!

Monica grew up with a loving BIG extended family. Obviously, I never felt comfortable around family. She is the most disciplined person I’ve ever met. Me… not so much. Our differences were many and contributed to our early frustration. We had never been taught that these would be our path to Biblical Oneness.

We brought issues to marriage and didn’t have the tools to process them. Add to that the “normal” marital pressures and disagreements – money, parenting, spirituality, etc – and we were HOPELESS. After 10 years of marriage, Monica filed for divorce. We were DONE. We HATED each other.

Reluctantly, we decided to go to counseling.

As we went to counseling, we began to let Jesus into the broken places in our individual hearts. The broken little boy who lost everyone he loved, saw Jesus in the love and forgiveness of his wife. I began to let Jesus love and heal me, and Monica did too. As that occurred, we began to have hope for our marriage.

Our story began in church, and we continue to serve churches with seminars, retreats and Family Camps. Our faith in God has played an important role in the healing of our marriage – and our individual hearts.

Our passion for healthy marriages is fueled by our journey back from the brink of divorce. As we traveled and shared our story, we realized many couples, even Christian couples in great churches – were STUCK. “Biblical Oneness” is the goal and promise in scripture, but often our individual issues block us. We blame our spouse, instead of allowing God through our spouse, to HEAL us.

Marriage can be all that we hear it can be, but it is hard work. WE learned the hard way because we had to. GREAT marriages don’t just happen.

~ Randy